About Us

BasketCharm was launched in order to give people a unique choice in gift baskets.  Our baskets feature fewer, but higher quality, items and things that are personally chosen by us.  We also can’t abide by the ultra small sample sizes of items that are usually the norm in most gift baskets.

In the planning stages of BasketCharm, our working name was Not Your Grandmother’s Gift Baskets.  We grew up in the era of the Hickory Farms Christmas gift box arriving every year.   While we loved the anticipation, it was always the same.  Cheese, summer sausage, mustard, jelly and of course, those strawberry flavored hard candies.  You either loved them… or not. And there were always just 2 or 3 pieces in the basket and with 8 siblings it was like musical chairs.  Someone is going to get left out.  Our baskets are made for sharing, but it’s up to your recipient whether they will… or not.

No Mistaken Identity Here

Today, with the internet, it is easier than ever to buy identical gift baskets on many different sites.  But BasketCharm knows that there are discerning people who prefer a locally made, quality product over one that is mass-produced on an assembly line.  We put our best effort and a lot of heart into every basket we create.  You can be assured of sending something unique and there will be no mistaking it for something from a warehouse.  BasketCharm makes a distinctive first impression and a memorable last impression.

My husband, Don, and I started with a Candy Bouquet franchise in 2003 in Montana and learned the candy/gift business.  Taking advantage of a job transfer for Don, we packed the U-Haul and headed south to Colorado.   I discovered that I missed the excitement of being a small business owner.  And Don missed being quality control supervisor for the samples.  He and grandson, Gabe, are always up for the challenge of trying new ideas.

Fast forward 4 years, and we are grateful to be back in our native Montana and offer our artisan baskets for delivery in Billings and for shipping within the continental U.S.

BasketCharm is delighted to offer another choice for sending that special someone a birthday greeting, thank you treats, or a celebration surprise.  Or just to brighten up a Tuesday afternoon at the office.

Thanks for checking us out!  Drop us a line with any comments, questions, or just to say hello!