Corporate Gifting

BasketCharm knows that many companies send gifts to their clients, customers, and referrals during the holiday season.  We can help you plan and deliver a gift basket that will make a distinctive first impression and a memorable lasting impression.

The first step is to call, as early as possible, and we can chat about your corporate gifting needs.

Since this usually involves more than a couple of baskets, we need a 2-week lead time.  This allows us to order in the right amount of fresh inventory and basket containers.

There are so many unique things we can do.  We can place your own marketing materials in the baskets and use custom labeled products with your company name and logo.  We can do particular themes and colors for your company.  We can design the basket to be as small or as large as you wish and to fit within your budget.

BasketCharm’s favorite thing to do is corporate baskets in November, since they tie in so beautifully with Thanksgiving.  Most baskets sent during the holidays are meant to express appreciation to referral sources and clients.  What better time to send a thank you than in the month before the customary holiday gifts are delivered?   Your company will stand out in terms of style and timing.   And it will be much appreciated because it arrived before your recipients are inundated with other holiday treats.

A healthy New Year’s basket, delivered in early January is another good choice.  It’s a quiet time of the year for many businesses and a basket full of goodness will be appreciated and remembered.

BasketCharm can also do swag bags and hotel room welcome gifts for your company’s conferences.  Your out-of-town guests will love a taste of Montana products to welcome them to our state.  When we add your marketing materials to the mix, it’s a win for both you and your clients.

BasketCharm has the experience and creativity to help you out with your corporate gifting needs.  Give us a call at 406-598-4784 and delegate this task to us!