Billings Corporate Gift Baskets Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

Billings Corporate Gift Baskets are just what the doctor ordered. You can make a memorable impression with a Billings corporate gift basket, carefully curated by BasketCharm.  It’s a unique and convenient way to thank referral sources and clients, as well as promote and market your own business.

I worked in medical offices in the good old days, when pharmaceutical sales representatives, better known as drug reps, would pop into the office unexpectedly.  They were hoping to snag a quick chat with the physician and extol the benefits of whatever medications their company sold.  To better their chances of seeing the doctor, they usually came bearing gifts to woo the admin staff (who everyone knows holds all the power), as well as to advertise their preferred drug.   The endless supply of cheap pens and sticky notes were nice, but if they wanted even a glimpse of the doctor in the hallway, chocolate was the currency.  Especially on boring Tuesday afternoons.

Some might call it bribery, but it’s really all about being noticed and remembered.  Money would be too awkward, so the unexpected delivery of a Billings corporate gift basket to brighten up any afternoon at the office, is sure to be enthusiastically received and discussed among the recipients.

Go Big or Go Home

A corporate gift basket should ideally contain something for everyone.  This would include chewy, crunchy, sweet, savory, or spicy bites.  Because office snacks are just like the office thermostat –everyone wants something different.

I took a very unprofessional poll of my adult children about what they would like to see in their company break rooms.  After enthusiastically agreeing that no one wants to smell yesterday’s tuna casserole re-heating in the microwave, anything else edible that was there for the taking was always a welcome sight.  It had to be large enough that everyone got something, even if they weren’t in the initial mad rush to get the first pick.   Sometimes employees are actually working and don’t even notice that free food has arrived in the break room.  Ideally, it should also last until it is time to get in the starting blocks for home, and be easy to consume while browsing social media.

Billings Corporate Gift Baskets Are Pros at Multi-Tasking

The best thing about sending a corporate basket from BasketCharm is that we can combine a variety of treats and snacks to appeal to everyone, as well as including your company’s marketing information.  A custom basket can include business cards, your branded company items such as mugs or office supplies, and your business name on the ribbon.  We know it will make Tuesday afternoons a little more exciting for the lucky office who receives it, and you will be remembered for giving such a delightful and distinctive surprise.

Until next time, laugh often, love much, and remember, sending chocolate works like a charm.