To Be or Not to Be Included in Colorado Gift Baskets

No one likes to be the last one chosen in a school yard pick, but when it’s about making the cut for BasketCharm’s Colorado gift baskets, there is no last place.  Every unique, Colorado made item is carefully selected for its contribution to the team.

Changing Up the Game Plan for Colorado Gift Baskets

There was never a doubt that BasketCharm would offer a specialty-themed Colorado gift basket.  I knew that all of the food items would be sourced from entrepreneurs around Colorado and combined with something tangible that would remind the recipient of the Centennial State.  However, it soon became clear that choosing items for only one style of basket was impossible.

Theoretically, I could put together a different basket every day for a year and not use the same Colorado items twice. Because I’m a little short of shelving space for that, I instead curated two Colorado gift baskets. Colorado Cowboy Charm and Charming Colorado Picnic are my new basket team captains.

Choosing Teams for Colorado Gift Baskets

Cowboy won the coin toss and chose Mountain High Beef Jerky as his first pick, followed by spicy ranch pretzels from On Tap Kitchen in Boulder. In a brilliant strategic move, Colorado Cowboy Crunch was immediately added to the roster. Cowboy then chose Colorado Popcorn Company’s savory jalapeño before adding a Colorado flag themed bottle opener to his lineup. Root beer hard candy from Colorado Candy Company was chosen, and a Colorado flag cookie, homemade by Cookie B Cookies, rounded out Colorado Cowboy Charm’s team.

Next up was Picnic and her first pick was a 4 piece box of beautifully crafted truffles from Longmont’s own Robin Chocolates.   Picnic then selected Aspen Gold popcorn from Colorado Kernels. To add some depth to the team, Picnic chose a set of scenic Colorado note cards from Windsor artist, Vicky McCargar, followed by Climber’s High Chai from The Tea Spot. Rounding out the team was fruit flavored hard candy from Colorado Candy Company. Not to be outdone by Cowboy, Charming Colorado Picnic completed her lineup with the state flower of Colorado.  A columbine sugar cookie, homemade by Cookie B Cookies, was the perfect last pick for Charming Colorado Picnic’s team.

Put Me In Coach

The heart of any team is its fans, and the same is true for BasketCharm.  But just who are these fans of a Colorado gift basket?  Someone who wants to send a Colorado memory to a friend out of state. A neighbor who needs a warm hello delivered to their new home in the Rockies.  A company who wants to welcome their new employee. A couple who want to surprise their out of town wedding guests with a custom Colorado gift basket waiting in their hotel room.  How about a citizen who wants to thank their local politician for serving the great State of Colorado?  Okay, that last one hasn’t happened yet, but what a charming surprise that would be!

The outcome of the game is always certain.   With two great choices for locally sourced Colorado gift baskets, you will always send a winner.

Until next time, laugh often, love much and show off your Colorado charm.