Top 10 Reasons why BasketCharm is Billings, Montana’s Gift Basket Choice

Since David Letterman hasn’t returned my calls yet, I had to make up my own Top 10 Reasons why you should send a Billings, Montana gift basket from BasketCharm.

  1. Easy name to remember and spell – Because who wants to keep guessing at letters trying to search the internet for the name of something that was creatively spelled? Although it hasn’t seemed to hurt Chick-fil-A too much.
  2. Personalized Ribbon – Because everyone likes to see their name on something. From the time you were a kid, wanting a tin license plate for your bike, to rifling through massive displays of Coke for the chance to glimpse your name shining forth on the can; it’s always somehow satisfying to find your own name.   Except if your parents named you Kristin and not Kristen.  Then you spent hours looking for the former and always finding the latter.   But not at BasketCharm.  We can enhance any gift basket with a made-to-order personalized ribbon.  Happy Birthday Kristin, Kristen, Krysten, or Christin!
  3. Unique products – Because where else west of the Mississippi will you find a Fatty Sunday? Or foil wrapped chocolate footballs in your favorite team’s colors?
  4. Basket Charms – Because you can have the start of a fabulous jewelry collection. BasketCharm ties a small charm onto every basket.  And if you have a petite wrist, you can up-cycle the raffia it’s tied with into a bracelet while you’re waiting for the real thing.
  5. Custom baskets – Because you forgot your mom’s birthday and she likes bees and you need to be her favorite child again.  You know that a basket of all things bumbly will make her forget that you forgot. BasketCharm can put together a custom design for you and mom will be buzzing with delight over her one of a kind Fort Collins Colorado gift basket and you will be back to #1 in her eyes again.
  6. Entertaining You Tube videos – Because they star Gabe, who is the funniest kid ever and doesn’t even know it. He is a unique blend of Food Network, Minecraft, barista, and recycling.
  7. Captivating blogs – Because I can write about anything I choose for the whole world to see, as long as my SEO advisor approves.
  8. Easy online ordering — Because shopping at midnight while wearing your unicorn slippers and eating Lucky Charms from the box, is more convenient than getting dressed, driving to the store and not finding what you want, then driving to another store, than one last store to finish up, then home to box it up, then fumbling around with that annoying package tape, then going out to ship it.
  9. Size matters – Because at BasketCharm we believe it’s better to have larger portions of a few high quality items than multiple small bites of “meh” in a gift basket.

And the number 1 reason for sending a surprise from BasketCharm is:

BasketCharm’s gift baskets are always delightful, distinctive, and delicious!

Until next time, laughing often, loving much, and being charming should be at the top of everyone’s list.